Lash Lift

Eyelash lifting is the modern day ‘eyelash perming’. The technique used for lash lifting uses a shield rather than a rod to lift the lashes and give a slight curl. These shields come in small, medium or large which is chosen depending on the length of the clients lashes. The old fashioned eyelash perming would curl the lashes but not particularly lift them. Lash lifting is suitable for all types of clients of any age, all lash thicknesses, and lengths. This course also includes a full lash tint, you will be taught how to tint the clients lashes during the lash lift treatment. Generally, ALL lash lift clients will have a lash lift within this treatment. Knowing both techniques will add revenue to your business and maintain client retention.


No qualifications or certifications are required for this course. Many of our students are not yet beauty trained and are looking to start up a business in the industry. We welcome students of all abilities.

Course content:

• Brands and products
• Assessing the lashes
• Hair growth stages
• Consultation
• Client prep
• Lash lifting technique
• Lash tint technique
• Full treatment procedure
• Aftercare
• Maintenance
• Troubleshooting


• Full lash lift and tint tutor demonstration

All students will carry out a full treatment on their model

Practical Session

Working on sufficient live models for practical sessions. Students will be very carefully observed and guided to ensure that they are confident enough to go and work on their own or as part of a professional Aesthetics Clinic.

Practical training gives a hands-on experience as well as the opportunity for question-and-answer sessions, and this is usually held over 1-3 dates, however, further training will be provided to you if necessary.

It is vital that students finish their training feeling confident but more importantly knowing how to practice safely, professionally and in line with regulations.

Course Duration:

1-day course with home study to be completed prior to course.

Course Price:


Why Choose Lauren Hurst Aesthetics & Academy?

Highly trained and with years of experience, we specialise in providing innovative, enjoyable, and most importantly, industry-recognised, CPD accredited training. Our training, which is the perfect combination of both theory and practical work, arms you with the essential knowledge and experience that you need to put you on the right path to becoming a highly sought-after professional.


At Lauren Hurst Aesthetics & Academy, we understand that no two students have the same approach to learning. That’s why we offer a unique training experience which focuses on each individual’s learning style. You will complete the theory aspect of your training in the comfort of your own home. This distance learning allows you to work entirely at your own pace with zero limitations or deadlines, once complete, you’ll join us at our premises or your own for theory recap and your practical training.


Throughout your practical training, we will teach you how to carry out treatments safely, effectively and confidently. Students leaving with 100% confidence is our aim and goal.

Accredited Courses

Please note all our CPD accredited courses consist of 1-3 days with models provided, unless it is in house training and we can offer full kits at an additional cost. Kit costs will be provided on the day and the kits we provide include everything you will need to get started!

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