Eyelash Serum

Eyelashes are a pretty and appealing feature that can frame the face and define the eye area. Lauren Hurst Aesthetics offers a prescription strength eyelash growth serum that has proven results.


How does eyelash growth serum work?

The once-daily application of our eyelash growth serum extends the time period that each individual eyelash stays in the growth stage (anagen stage) of the hair growth cycle. As a result, lashes grow stronger, thicker, darker, and longer.


Average results achieved are lashes which are:

25% longer

106% thicker

18% darker


As you get underway with applying the serum, you’ll first notice changes in length within seven days. Then, gradually, you’ll see more thickness and the lashes will appear darker. If you’re pleased with how things are going by the time you get to around 8 weeks then don’t stop there. Full results are seen at around week 16 by which time you’ll have the full effect of your longer, thicker, darker eyelashes.


What brand do you use?

We use LUMIGAN® (bimatoprost). It is licensed for the treatment of glaucoma in the eyes, and doctors noticed that patients using it were growing longer, thicker eyelashes over time as a side effect of use. It is a prescription-only medicine, so can only be prescribed off-licence for cosmetic use by our pharmacist after a thorough consultation to check clinical suitability.


How should it be applied?

Once you’ve had your consultation and decided to go ahead with purchasing the serum, you’ll be given an eyelash serum pack to take home. As well as the serum bottles and instructions, you’ll also be given special applicators which you need to use to coat your lashes with. It’s important you follow the instructions we give you accurately. After cleansing the area and washing your hands thoroughly, the serum should be applied to the base of the upper lashes only, once every night.


Does it have any side effects?

The most common side effects are itchy and/or red irritated eyes. The skin on the eyelid may darken, but this should reverse in a few weeks or months by discontinuing use. There is also the small risk that the pigment in the iris can darken permanently to a brown colour. The eyelash serum should not be used by pregnant or nursing women, patients who have certain eye problems (such as uveitis and conjunctivitis), risk of macular oedema, severe allergies or skin infections of the upper eyelids. If you are already using medications for ocular hypertension and/or glaucoma, you must tell your eye doctor before you try it so he or she can monitor your eye pressure closely.


Eyelash growth serum is available on prescription only and as a result requires a consultation.